About Us

On a long workday evening, our founder sat in her kitchen at home, the lights dim and a cup of hot tea beside her. She held a nail salon's invoice in her hand with a slight frown on her brow. The kitchen walls were adorned with her children's paintings, vibrant with colors, radiating the warmth and joy of life. Manicures had always been her little treat to herself, a small piece of happiness snatched from the busyness of everyday life. But now, looking at the bill in her hands and the upcoming list of household expenses, she felt an unprecedented pressure.

She was not alone in this feeling. At the bi-weekly women's gatherings, when the conversation shifted from work to life's pleasures, the cost of manicures became a hot topic of discussion. Everyone shared similar experiences, wishing to maintain that bit of personal joy without sacrificing the family budget.

That night, inspiration struck. If there were a way for all women, no matter where they were, to enjoy manicure services in a more economical way, how wonderful that would be. She began to brew a plan, a scheme that would save money and provide quality manicure services.

She investigated why traditional nail salons were so expensive and found that the problem lay in outdated service models, unreasonable rent, and inefficient operations. She was determined to change all that.

After months of hard work, she created our brand. Our philosophy is straightforward and simple: break with tradition and, through innovative means, make manicures no longer a luxury. We optimized the production process, collaborated with nail artists around the world, and delivered these beautiful creations directly to every woman's fingertips via the internet.

Now, any woman can comfortably sit on her sofa at home, pick her favorite nail designs with a few clicks, and enjoy professional manicure services at a reasonable price. We believe that beauty and small joys should not be unattainable, and every woman deserves to find her own sparkle in the daily grind.